Limit Omaha High Low Split Strategy. Part I

Posted on May 20, 2008

Some Game Hints for Limit Omaha Split. The 1st Part

It is considered that questions are asked a person playing limit Omaha-eight-or-higher hi lo split of middle calibre and on condition that there are a few players staying to see the flop. (This doesn’t concern the zoo games)

Let’s see some examples:

1) Your hand Aspades5clubs4diamonds2spades
Flop Qspades8spades6diamonds

Somebody bets before you, you raise, big blind player and the first player call. After the flop the big blind player bets and the first player calls. What do you do?

Up_arrow Raise. Nut flush draw in addition to nut draw for Low is a wonderful hand in Omaha hi low split.

2) Your hand Aspades5clubs4diamonds2spades
Flop Adiamonds7spades6hearts

You open by raising in middle position and only players on blinds call you. After the flop the first player checks and the second bets. Your actions?

Up_arrow Raise. You do it tactically because your hand by it’s qualities is not worth it. After an ace comes on the flop you can see that someone has nuts for Low. You have reasonable chances in both directions, and if a three appears on the board you take the whole pot. With small opposition and double-sided hand without nuts you have to kick out your opponents. If the player who has made the bet has only nuts for Low and the player on your left has only ace it means that he has bypassed you by side cards and you should get rid of him. Raising is a bit risky but waking up in bed in the morning is risky too. It is unlikely that the one who made the bet has beaten you in both directions. He may have two pairs with aces or nuts for Low – this is in case he has a good hand. He may also have A-K for High and something to play Low if he’s an aggressive player. Note please that even if you have two pairs with aces you have a nice hand for Low anyway. Also there is interesting blog post about deuces wild strategy that mainly concern online video poker.

3) Your hand AspadesAclubsQdiamonds2spades
Flop KspadesQclubsJdiamonds

You open by raising and the player on your left and the button player call. Players on blinds leave, so there are three of you staying on the flop. Only high cards come on the flop so there won’t be Low. What do you do – check or bet?

Exclamation_mark Bet. If I had seen such a flop in Omaha I would be scared to death but it’s Omaha split. You have only two opponents, in preflop they called raises easily so their hands must have been aimed at Low and now neither of them can beat your two aces.

For continuation see Limit Omaha High Low Split Strategy. Part II.

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