Omaha High Low Split Limit Strategy. Part I

Posted on May 23, 2008

Pot Limit Omaha High Low Split. The 1st Part

pot-limit omaha split strategyMany people think that pot limit games are possible only at the highest combinations. This opinion is absolutely wrong. Any high low game may be played by a pot limit system. To my opinion Omaha is the best form of poker to play pot limit high low split eights-or-higher. Such a game requires great skills and it turns you on, in such a game usually wins a player understanding general game principles of poker.

Position at the table is of vital importance. I think that in pot limit Omaha split position is even more important than in conventional Omaha. Since I’ve already mentioned that Omaha pays more attention to positioning than any other form of poker you now understand how important it is in this game!

The reason of position being so important in pot limit Omaha split lays in the fact that many flops attract the attention of drawing hands. Let’s take a typical flop Kspades8spades6hearts. A lot of possibilities are hidden in here: flush draw, several straight draws and a draw for Low. Even if someone gets three kings with flop it doesn’t mean that he has won.

The turn decides who will take the money. If on the turn there comes simultaneously flush and low, it is now when the feathers fly. A player who acts the last has great advantage over the others because he can force anyone to bet against nuts, steal the pot and get a free card.

The strategy of playing on the flop is a very difficult decision in pot-limit Omaha. The most common error is playing a hand able to win only in one direction to download online video poker easyliy. We want to call your attention to a hand played by one of the best holdem players in the whole world who had found himself playing pot limit Omaha split for the first and possibly for the last time in his life. He picked up two aces and a pair of pictures and saw the flop: Aclubs8hearts2spades.

There were two of them in the pot, he was the first to say and he made the pot size bet of $100. He was raised to $300 and he called. On the turn there came a picture, he checked first and then called $700.

The last card was 5hearts. Again he checked and after his opponent had bet $2000 he folded his three aces and pretty much haywire ended the game. Evidently he was right leaving the game because with no doubt 5hearts supplemented his opponent’s hand to a wheel.

I’d say he should have folded his cards after the raise on the flop because his opponent had had nuts for Low and he was collecting his High. There are few forms of poker where you should fold three aces which are not nuts. Obviously pot limit Omaha eights-or-higher is a special game requiring flexible mind.

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