The History of Red Dog Poker

Posted on January 12, 2009

This gamble as the other card games has very interesting history. Card games have come to the modern world from the approximately 11th century, some experts say the cards have the Chinese origins, because this particular nation has invented paper, but the fact is Europeans has performed cards to the general public.

The card design with spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds was invented in France. But the look of the pack of cards was changing during the centuries. Americans began to produce new cards adding some peculiarities: indexes, double headed court cards, round corners and Joker.

The Old West can be called the fatherland of the original game Red Dog Poker, it is the place where it has become popular in online casino gambling. After the French revolution in 19th century card games have been spread all over the Old West. Red Dog was one of the first games played at that time. It also had some other names, for instance Ace Deuce and between the sheets, which described the origin of this game. The rues of the game are built around the concept of the distance between two cards, and the number of cards situated between them.

But at that time the gamblers faced with the great problem, it was very easy to cheat playing this game and at some period Red Dog lost its popularity and disappeared. But at the beginning of the 20th century the American Government understood that unregulated gambling industry which was functioning without any control led to corruption and development of the organized crime. Though Nevada State declared gambling as a crime in 1910, this decision didn’t make the situation better and probably worsen it, some members of the government came into the gangster circles. At last in 1931 the games of chance were legalized in Las Vegas, at that moment Red Dog Poker appeared again, but the different changes touched it.

Red Dog is rather easy to play, so you don’t need some specific skills and talents to win the game. Everyone can play it and get much pleasure, in contrast for example to Blackjack, where you need to concentrate and the result will also depend on the other players’ skills, Red Dog is the perfect way to relax and spend time. You can’t find Red Dog at any casino, but now it gains the mass popularity again and spends all over the gambling sites.

The short description of the best poker game rules is the following: the player gets three cards from the deck and bets that the third card will fall between the two cards which have been first. You should take into account that the cards are ranked from high to low and the cards’ suits are ignored.

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