Omaha HiLo Poker Gaming Strategy. Part III

Posted on May 15, 2008

set_of_cardsGame Tactics in Omaha HiLo. The 3rd Part

We’ve already discussed the situation when a player which could be kicked out simply by raising is left in the pot. For details see previous posts:

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Let’s now talk about it a little more because high-low players as you are should understand clearly what is happening.

There are situations when you should boost the pressure and kick someone out of the pot and vice versa let him stay there. On the flop I usually play my hands aggressively in order to kick out the players who are trying to draw with the last card and clear the situation. Eventually they give in without a struggle. By the time it is one more card to appear on the board the proper decision is often to ease the pressure a little bit so that double bet wouldn’t kick out the potential victim whose money could be split. Of course if his combination threatens you then you should make it as pressing as possible. But if you feel confident in your cards it is better to leave your victim alone and not force him to fold his cards.

Let’s continue discussing more deeply Omaha hilo poker strategy, aimed at winning in high as well as in low. The difference lays in the potential of winning the whole pot. Assume you have A-3 combination in your hand and a pair of cards not connected to the flop at all, for example Q-8. If there K-7-2 come on the flop then you play low and suffer from half-a-pot-syndrome. If K-5-2 or K-4-2 come on the flop, an additional chance of buying a wheel (though only 4 cards of the pack suit you) improves your hand a lot.

pair_of_aces Another example differs in getting three-of-a-kind when there are three small cards on the board as opposed to only two small cards. Say, you have a pair of 8 and now 10-8-2 overcomes the flop 8-5-2 no matter that you have (temporarily) nuts in your hand in the last case. In any moment when there have already come three small cards on the board it is very dangerous to play a hand that could only win at High. Another example is a hand like K-K-6-5. If there come 8clubs7clubs4 on the flop, you’ll have completed straight and nuts – so you better fold your cards!

It is unlikely that you win the whole pot and in case any card of J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 or clubs appear on the board you’ll lose your nuts. Since there are two more cards to come your chances are very small.

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