Omaha Hi Lo Poker Gaming Strategy. Part II

Posted on April 6, 2008

Game Tactics in Omaha Hi Low. The 2nd Part

Here I continue to make overview about omaha high low strategy started in the previous post.

Allow me to make an example of hand for Low, which should be played aggressive because it has chances to win in High. You’re on the button and have AheartsKspadesQdiamonds2hearts. In preflop somebody raises, you call and the big blind player also calls. Qhearts8diamonds4spades come on the flop leaving you top pair with side ace and nut draw for Low. The player with big blind checks, a player, who raised in preflop, bets and now it is you turn to make a move. The player who raised must be having a number of small cards with A-2 combination. He may have aces in the pocket.

Nevertheless I think I understand him. Your raise is likely to kick the big blind player out of the pot because he has to play against double bet. If the raising player has only small cards then he has chances to win a quarter of the pot or nothing. If he has aces but doesn’t have nuts for Low, you have high chances to split the pot or take it all. Naturally if he has a monster like aces or nuts for Low, you have big troubles but such valuable hands don’t grow on trees.

Compare this situation with the one in which you have only nut draw for Low. Assume everything goes the same way as in the previous example, but there are Jhearts8diamonds4spades on the flop and not Qhearts8diamonds4spades. Now you have nut draw anyway but nothing for High. With such a hand I wouldn’t even think about raising on the flop, because even calling is quite scary.

Assume that you call and by the next card draw your low. If the player who bet in preflop bets again, it will be madness for you to raise no matter that you have nuts for Low and there is one more card coming. You may easily get one quarter of the pot and you don’t want to kick the third player out. If he has the same cards as you do, he won’t fold his cards anyway. If he has something weaker then you want him to stay in the pot. And now some rest – corporate functions to weddings, fun casino tables are great fun and will keep your guests entertained throughout the evening – all that at Fun casino hire Buckinghamshire, UK!

poker_cardsA situation when you get one quarter of the pot is very often in Omaha split. A situation with a quarter of a pot often takes place when two players have similar low combinations. Those who try and learn how to play Omaha eight or higher and are used to playing stud eight or higher should understand that two or even more players may have nuts for Low.

If nuts for Low are A-2 then it’s quite possible that more than two players have them, because this combination is most widespread nuts for Low and each and every player will play it.

However if ace or two come on the board especially on the turn or river there are high chances that a player with nut combination may enter the pot and take the Low.

Naturally, in Zoo games when for the flop there stay six or seven players having long-range hands and not folding their cards as long as there are missing cards, someone is likely to have nuts anyway. But in reasonable games when only two or three players fight for the pot, there are chances that nuts won’t get Low. When your reserve hand is not nuts, it still has reasonable chances if something unexpected should happen. And now some excursus from the topic – this site is called Poker anbefalinger, it provides interesting information about bingo, casino, poker to Denmark people.

Assume that by the end of the deal there are for parts of a wheel on the board. Of course all players will have nuts for Low and now in dividing the pot we will talk about small parts of the pot like one sixth or even one eighth. Remember about such situations and act accordingly. You may even think about folding nuts. Or try to search casino on weekends.

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