Pot Limit Omaha High Low Case Study. Part II

Posted on July 7, 2008

Pot Limit Omaha High Low Combination Quiz. The 2nd Part

Read beginning in Omaha Hi Low Step By Step Guide. Part I.

5) Your hand AheartsKhearts7spades7clubs Flop 10clubs8hearts7diamonds

You’re on the button and have three sevens. A bet is made and players call it. Everyone has a lot of chips. Your actions?

Fold your cards quickly. You’ve already been beaten in here. And you will never know if there is a higher set against you. Even if no one has a set you have to draw the missing seven or the last two board cards have to form a pair because it is likely that someone is going to have a stronger full in case ten or eight comes on the board.

6) Your hand AspadesKspadesJdiamonds9diamonds Flop 9hearts5clubs2diamonds

You have top pair and your word is second in the pot of four. First player checks. What do you do – check or bet?

Bet. The flop structure indicates that it isn’t likely that someone has anything good. Your top pair maybe is not the best hand but hardly will anyone play against you and you have a lot of possibilities to improve your hand on the turn if someone calls you.

7) Your hand AspadesQdiamondsJclubs8clubs Flop Qclubs7diamonds4clubs

You’re on the button in a pot for four without bargaining. You have top pair and flush draw from Jack. Do you bet or take a free card?

It is worth bargaining. It’s not that you like your hand a lot but all your opponents checked. In your hand you have enough to understand that they weren’t lucky with the flop. Believe their check and expect that you’ll take the pot without a fight.

8 ) Your hand 9hearts8hearts6diamonds5diamonds Flop 7spades6hearts2clubs

A player in forced position opens the street by raising and someone in middle position calls him and you call. Flop gives you big straight draw. The first who made a bet now also bets on the flop, the other player folds his cards and now it’s your turn. You and your opponent both have a lot of money in front of you. Btw, if you like to play live roulette or bingo you’re welcome to visit mentioned sites.

Raise. It is possible that your opponent has jumped over his head with only aces in his hand. Flop is not worth opening street with a raise. Let’s see if he can stand the pressure.

pot-limit omaha high low real examplesThe main factor defining whether you should raise on the flop or not, having a drawing hand, is your decision as for the hand of the betting player meaning that either he tries to steal the pot or he really has a strong hand.

If you run into something unexpected you have a relying decent hand. Simple calling is game tactics for losers.

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