Omaha High Low Split Strategy. Part II

Posted on May 20, 2008

Some Game Hints for Limit Omaha Split. The 2nd Part

Here I continue giving some tips on limit omaha high low split strategy. The beginning

Limit Omaha Hi Lo Split Strategy. Part I

4) Your hand AspadesKclubs7clubs3spades
Flop Qspades8clubs2diamonds(6hearts)

You are on the button in a pot without raises; someone entered it in early position and another one in middle position. Four of you stay for the flop and you have nuts for Low. Big blind player makes a bet on the flop, you and other two players call. By the fourth card you draw your low. The player who bet first now checks, second player bets and the third one calls. What do you do?

call Simply call. There are high chances that he who bet first has nuts for Low same as you and your hand has almost no chances to win in High. There are four players in the pot so by getting a quarter of the pot you’ll simply get back your money. If your raise will kick somebody out of the pot you’ll lose money. In an off day there will come ace and three on the board and your hand will be spoiled or the other two players will have nuts for Low and you’ll get only one sixth of the pot. Raising in such a situation just because you have nuts for Low is completely wrong.

5) Your hand AspadesKclubs7clubs3spades Flop Qspades8clubs2diamonds(6spades)

Everything is the same as in the previous example except that instead 6hearts there comes 6spades on the flop. Now you have nuts for Low and nut flush draw. Do you just call anyway or maybe you raise?

Exclamation_mark Raise. Nut Low is your protection in this situation. An additional chance to win in High allows you to speculate a little.

6) Your hand AspadesJclubs7clubs3spades Flop Adiamonds8clubs3

In a pot without raises there are four of you on the flop. You move last. Big blind player checks on the flop, next player who was forced to call before now makes a bet and the third player calls. With the flop you got two pairs: aces and threes. Your actions? Think about it I think some interesting and useful notes are covered here video poker tips that can be rather valuable in ordinary poker.

fold Fold your cards. Since there are three small cards on the board, by calling you aim at the higher part of the pot. Big blind player can easily fold his cards and if he does you have to win in two cases of three in order just to return your money. Your high hand is in great danger. Someone may have a higher pair or he can draw it and besides that there are working possibilities for straight and flush. Fold your cards immediately.

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