Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo Split Strategy. Part II

Posted on May 29, 2008

Pot Limit Omaha High Low Split. The 2nd Part

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In the Limit Omaha High Low Split Strategy. Part I we gave an example of folding nuts for High because of absent chances for Low. In some cases it can be right to fold nuts for Low because the hand doesn’t have chances for High.

Assume, you play in a three player pot, you have nuts for Low A-2, somebody makes bets against it and raises them after the flop. There was a slight raise in preflop and everybody has much money. For example there is 8clubs7diamonds4hearts on the board and you have AspadesKspadesQhearts2diamonds – nuts for Low. What do you do? Of course fold your cards! At least one of the opponents has the same Low as you do. You don’t have alternative options if two or an ace from the board spoils your low and you will hardly win at High. It is likely that you’ll have to bet all your money simply to see the course of the game on conditions that you call. You’ll get a quarter of the pot provided another player has only A-2, one sixth of the pot if they both have this combination and maybe nothing if two or an ace comes on the board. There is nothing good in putting your money in the pot just in order to see how much money you can lose.

Since you play high low, your bets will be called much oftener than they would be in usual poker. You bet and your opponent wrinkles up but calls anyway hoping that you play in the other direction. This indicates about less sincere aggression in pot limit Omaha high low split. You should be sure that your actions are well-grounded and your cards are valuable.

Of course we’ve touched only the top of an iceberg in playing pot limit Omaha high low split eights-or-higher. But you’ve seen enough to understand the difficulties that are a part of the game. If you like to play pot-limit as well as high low split poker you’ll like their combination.

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