Omaha High Low Poker Gaming Strategy. Part I

Posted on April 3, 2008

Game Tactics in Omaha High Low. The 1st Part

Discussing street strategy during the flop and after it one must distinguish two kinds of poker – high low and split.

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In the first one a lot of players see the flop, stay in the game during it and continue to make bets. This scenario is characteristic of the games with bottom limits. Big field means that there are no tricks and no bluff. There will be a lot of players in the game wasting their money by drawing to losing cards. The more players fight for the pot the more you gain, if you win only half a pot and even in case of equal combinations with anyone of the players you win something anyway. He who knows how to create starting hands and who draws only nuts after the flop will have high chances to break the game.

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In the second game type, usually played by top limits, players will have good hands and most pots will be played among two or three players. Because of tight game you’ll be able to leave on zero easily, but to win permanently you have to learn and use fine points. Bluff and tricks are put in use.

In the pots with two or three players fighting the winning hand for low usually will be nuts, especially A-2 combination, which we look forward to see so often in our hands. On the other hand it is strange how the biggest part of the pot is recovered on one or two pairs instead of strong combinations.

All above said means that to win we consider a hand aimed at low and having something for high – such hand potentially aimed at three-quarters of a pot. In such games we needn’t such monsters comparing to usual Omaha.

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