Omaha Hi Low Poker Strategy. Part IV

Posted on May 18, 2008

Game Tactics in Omaha Hi Low. The 4th Part

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This is the continuation of Omaha hilo gaming strategy. For the beginning see here:

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Like in any other kind of poker in Omaha hi low split there also is bluff. And like in other form of poker the main scenario goes in pots with small number of players when between you and the roses there are only one or two players. Everyone playing poker hi low should remember the term “hand rearrangement” (literally meaning change of route). Most bet raises in eight-or-higher games and calls to these bets are made on collections of small cards including A-2 combination.

Of course some flops have two or even three high cards without aces. There are high chances that in this situation no one has anything decent, but someone has to win the pot anyway. In such situations the player who bet in preflop makes it look like he raised on aces and bets on the flop.

This is called change of route. Initially he aimed at Low and now he aims at High. Sometimes he will be lucky to draw a pair with his hand’s high card and sometimes nothing. In such pots with small number of players when high cards are dealt, an open suggestion to steal the pot may be made. A pot may be stolen by making a bet or raising it. Try and win oftener in such pots.

Summarizing all above said we may say that the most important thing in Omaha hi low split is forming of hands allowing you to take the whole pot.

This principle should dominate in choosing starting hands and deciding whether to stay in the pot after the flop or not. This principle (probability of taking the whole pot) is especially important in games for three or two players because our chances to win are lower.

Omaha hi low split is a kind of poker promising good entertainment and ability to put in use poker skills. Unlike usual Omaha there are fewer tricks in this one and more hope for good estimation of hand valuability.

A player, good in high-low poker and familiar to games with common cards, will be okay with Omaha eight-or-higher.

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