Omaha Hi Low Game Tips. Part V

Posted on June 23, 2008

Game Tactics Tips in Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo. The 5th Part

This post continues about strategy of playing pot-limit Omaha high-low. The beginning of my thoughts please read:

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12) Don’t take defensive position each time a frightening card comes on the board!

Quite often on the board there comes a card creating opportunities for straight or flush. If it happens and my hand is not improved I ask myself a question: do I still want this pot? If the answer is yes and I am the player who bet on the flop I continue to bargain; but if the answer is no I usually check.

Here’s an example illustrating such a decision. Assume I bargained on the flop and one opponent called me and there are Jhearts9hearts5clubs on the board. On the turn there comes Kclubs creating on the board opportunities for a new straight and new two-card flush. If I bargained only on jacks and nines my hand would be bad. My opponent may have a pair and king and he drew better than me and besides that there are a lot of other winning combinations.

It is possible that now he has flush draw in clubs. My intention is to pass (check) and fold my cards in case he makes a bet. On the other hand if I have three jacks my intention is to bargain as if the king has given me nuts. If I check on this hand my opponent will either take a free card or will bargain as if he has drawn straight. If he bargains and I call it is likely that he knows my hand and he will control the situation.

For me the best tactics is to think that the king has not given him nuts and keep on bargaining. Even if my opponent has straight I will buy a higher combination anyway in one of four cases if I have a three-of-a-kind. Compare it to one of ten cases when my hand will be improved to a winning one only if I have two pairs.

Pot-limit Omaha is not a game for those who won’t bargain without a winning hand.

Almost every new card opened on the board is scary.

These twelve tips aren’t enough to ensure my victory in pot limit Omaha. There are a lot of secrets in the game and one needs much time to master them. However, they have to give you good understanding of common approach to the game which will allow you to reach your potential. You’ll require long game practice to see how various ideas work.

The final result of these long hours at the table is an opportunity to earn a lot of money in addition to the pleasure of playing the most difficult form of poker as of today. But you’ve always wanted to drive a Rolls-Royce, haven’t you?

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