Omaha HiLo Pot Limit Tips. Part IV

Posted on June 16, 2008

Game Tactics in Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo. The 4th Part

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10) Respect preflop raises.

Raising in preflop usually means possession of high pair or high cards. A lot of players crawling into the pot for a minimum bet automatically call raises. Usually you can call a raise on a hand like 10hearts9hearts7clubs6diamonds but it is dangerous to call on AspadesKhearts10hearts8diamonds.

Your reasons for entering the pot on the former hand are based on the strength of high cards but somebody may say that in this aspect he has a better hand. Believe him and fold your cards.

11) In a pot with a lot of players be sure to draw to nuts.

Assume there are Jhearts9clubs3clubs on the board and your cards are Jclubs10clubs8spades7spades, this means that you have top pair, flush draw from Jack and thirteen-sided straight. This is a hand I would fight with against one opponent. Against two or three opponents this hand is not so strong.

pot-limit omahaUsually you are in a sandwich position between three-of-a-kind and nut flush draw. Only ten cards give you a winning hand over the association of these two combinations and there are a number of lockout (a card winning the pot for your opponent) and redraw (finishing combinations by the last card when it seemed that you’ve already won) situations in the pack. Only two red sevens form you nut straight. When playing this kind of hand be sure to create a heads-up situation before putting a lot of money in the pot. Some digression – Denmark poker called Poker anbefalinger – Poker anbefalinger provides great information about poker, casino and bingo to people in Denmark.

At times some players may feel the disadvantageous position they are in before others have already put their money in the pot.

I want to draw your attention to a hand really played by English player of highest class Derek Buxter in a well-known London club Victory: KspadesQdiamondsJhearts9diamonds. I sat on his left and raised in preflop, four other players called and he called too. On the flop there came Adiamonds10diamonds9hearts. Consequently Buxter got thirteen-sided straight draw and the second nut flush draw.

To Buxter’s surprise a player sitting on his right and acting the first opened the street by the pot bet. Buxter thought that the player is likely to have nothing but nut flush draw. There were high chances that he would be driven into a strong pat hand on the left so he folded his cards. His analysis turned out to be pretty accurate as for a game with double dummy because I got three aces and entered the pot. The betting player called me having straight and nut flush draw. A card for flush came on the board and Buxter’s good early analysis saved him al his chips.

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