Omaha High Low Tactics. Part II

Posted on July 21, 2008

See the beginning in Pot Limit Omaha HiLo Game Tactics. Part I.

4) Usually to accelerate the game the pot sum is somehow rounded.

All extra chips in the pot left after rounding are considered one additional unit. For example the pot is rounded to a hundred dollars ant its real size is $725, now the maximum allowed bet is $800.

(Here is an example of understanding by players that extra kidney is not counted. In our example it means that the maximum bet is $700. This method allows players as well as the dealer to follow the real pot size easier, because usually the pot size may be calculated according to the number of players. Traditionally the first method is used and in any game using the second method it must be announced beforehand.)

5) Minimum bet should be set up for every blind structure.

Usually it will be the most valuable chip used to enter after blind. For example if blind structure is $1-2-5 and the enter is $10 then the minimum street unit will be $5 chip. This situation means that no extra chips lower than $5 can be bet even when a player goes all-in and only if he doesn’t bet five of them at once. If chip value is used neither for ante nor for rounding the pot it cannot be used in combination.

For example: blind structure $25-25-50 and time price is $25 chip for every 20 minutes. Since $5 chips can’t get in the game they can’t be stored (if only a player’s intention is not to put them on purpose) and they will not take part in the game at all. Sometimes it looks similar to online slot machines game tactics.

6) The number of raises is not limited.

There is no need for it because it won’t take long for some player to bet all-in because of quickly growing pot size.

7) A player has the right to know how much money has his opponent for his game.

On this basis it is preferable to change all your cash for chips. If a game runs in a public place – a pit controlled by government informing services when converting the chips in the cash desk, in big pits the use of paper money may be allowed.

Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo 2In this case the only allowed way of paying is by one-hundred-dollar bills. In such a situation a player can estimate approximately the amount of opponent‘s money without the necessity to disturb this person and to slow down the game asking for the exact calculation. Chips of high value should be placed in front rows where everyone can see them. Chips more valuable than those used for entering the game must not be used. Each player has the right for unimpeded observing of opponent’s chips and for calculating his own on inquiry.

It is advisable to learn the rules of pot limit games before playing them. Also don’t be too lazy and find out if there are any conformance exceptions in the gambling joint you’re going to play. I often heard bad rules and wrong decisions from the managers and workers of gambling joints because they were generally used to limit poker. If the dealer makes a decision which can influe the money distribution, don’t be ashamed of asking for the staff decision and don’t just believe the dealer’s words.

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