Omaha Hi Low Step By Step Guide. Part I

Posted on June 30, 2008

Pot Limit Omaha High Low Combination Quiz. The 1st Part

In the following quiz imagine that you play pot limit Omaha against middle-smart opponents.

1) Your hand AclubsKclubsJspades8diamonds Flop 10spades8clubs8diamonds

You bet the pot against four opponents and two of them call. On the turn there comes insignificant card, say two. All players still have a lot of money. Your actions?

Answer: If you don’t play against beginners then none of them has overpair and none of them draws to a straight. One opponent has the missing eight another perhaps has two tens in the hand. You definitely should check and maybe fold your cards if someone keeps on bargaining. You are lucky to be called by two players letting you read their hands because your decision would have been much more complicated if you had been called by a single player.

2) Your hand AspadesAhearts8spades3hearts Flop Qhearts10clubs7diamonds

In preflop you immediately began bargaining and two players sitting after you call. Everyone has a lot of chips, should you bargain on the flop or not?

Such a flop horrifies me! I don’t have high chances for the best hand but even if I did there are so many straight draws anyway that someone will draw better than me or kick me out of the pot. Even if I would be just called and by a miracle I would draw third ace on the turn, anyway my hand is not so good because someone easily could have drawn straight by this card.

3) Your hand AclubsKclubsQhearts10spades Flop 9hearts7hearts2clubs

You began to bargain in preflop and three players called you. With the flop you form flush draw from king. Should you bargain?

Somebody who has nut flush draw and a pair will bring you a lot of troubles. Playing a pot for three is a disaster. Pass (check) is a game about possibilities.

4) Your hand A Aspades5spades2 Flop KspadesJspades8spades

You’re in the first position (on a blind to the left from the button) and you bargained in preflop. Four players called. You have nut flush; what do you do – bet or check?

strategy for omaha high lowIn pot limit Omaha having got nuts you should vary your game style. Any behavior can be wrong. Since I have been bargaining in preflop, I’d rather keep on bargaining in the given situation because someone may think that I have single ace of spades and try to steal the pot (And I can do that).

Another factor is additional money in the pot because of bargaining in preflop. Quite probably that someone having nut flush will try and set me down especially if the pot is big enough already. And finally high cards on the board indicate the possibility of two pairs or three-of-a-kind and you will claim payment from somebody for trying to draw something better than you.

This is only beginning. Read the Pot Limit Omaha High Low Case Study. Part II.

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